Nursing Simulation Labs and Skills Labs

Skills and nursing simulation labs serve as the bridge between your nursing theory coursework and clinical experiences, offering a risk-free yet realistic environment to combine your foundational nursing theory knowledge with hands-on skills practice. Hybrid ABSN students meet for labs at our ABSN program site; students in the on-campus ABSN program will complete labs at the Center for Caring with Technology lab at our main campus in Baltimore. Both locations offer classrooms as well as places to study and meet face-to-face with instructors.

Skills Labs

While you’ll have the option to learn key nursing theory concepts through online coursework in our hybrid ABSN program, the best way to master nursing skills is by doing. You’ll have the opportunity to do just that using advanced equipment, medical supplies, and realistic manikins. You’ll also meet with classmates and instructors at regularly scheduled times to learn how to apply safely and effectively such foundational nursing skills as:

  • Nasogastric tube placement
  • Head-to-toe patient assessment
  • Wound care
  • Catheterization

Simulation Labs

Another key component of the Notre Dame ABSN involves nursing simulation labs, which will take your nursing theory knowledge and skills practice to the next level. They offer a realistic yet safe opportunity to apply what you’re learning to a medical situation you may experience as a nurse in the real world.

Student checking eyes on mannequin
During skills labs, students fine-tune hands-on nursing techniques.

Safe Learning Environment

Simply put, simulation labs are where you can “try on” the role of nurse and all it entails — problem solving, collaborating, and thinking on your feet — without the risk of harming a patient. Working in a group of your peers, you’ll treat medical manikins that can simulate a variety of life-like health care scenarios, developing and delivering a care plan that you’ll adapt in real time as your instructor controls the manikin’s reaction. Example scenarios could include caring for a patient who has gone into cardiac arrest or delivering a baby.

Don’t worry if you make any mistakes; on the contrary, they’re actually encouraged! Once the simulation is over, you’ll have the chance to discuss the experience in an open, honest debriefing session with your instructor and peers and receive constructive feedback on your approach.

Contact us to learn more about how our nursing simulation labs combine with other parts of our ABSN curriculum to prepare you for a solid nursing future.

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